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There are two pillars to maximizing your points:

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The best redemptions aren’t found in your credit card’s travel portal.
With your unique preferences and point balances, we craft a tailored proposal that ensures optimal usage of your points for a truly exceptional travel experience.


The power of your points can vary immensely - they could get you a one-way economy flight or a luxurious first class flight with a premium five-star resort stay.

optimize redeeming points

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By having a credit card that matches your spending habits, you will be earning more points or cash back with every single purchase you make. Many cards also come with valuable credits and benefits that can save you money and enhance your lifestyle.
All this extra value can really add up!


Having the perfect card can save you thousands of dollars every year!

optimize earning points

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Are considering a credit card, yet travel isn't the primary goal

Are considering a credit card, but are unsure where to start

Fall short on points for your destination


Lack points but have a destination

Have points but no specific destination

Have points and a preferred destination

If you ...

Because we know points are not one size fits all


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Pack With Points was recommended by a friend and ended up saving us more than $8k on a trip to Greece. I would recommend them to anyone. 


I couldn’t recommend Pack With Points enough!! 

If you're not consulting with Matt and Natalie, you're missing out on priceless experiences. I will 100% be returning for my next big trip!

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