2. optimize redeeming points

1. optimize earning points

At Pack With Points, we have two pillars regarding points:


In the consultation call, we will suggest up to three cards that we believe are a perfect fit for you. We will review each card in detail and answer any questions you may have.

step 2: present your perfect match

We will review your responses to our questionnaire and build our recommendations from there. 

Whether you have never had a credit card before and are looking for your first or you already have several and want to add something new to your wallet, we are here to help you find the perfect card!

step 1: set up a consultation

How Pack With Points works




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I'm a small business owner, should I get credit cards for my business?
As small business owners ourselves, we can attest to the value of small business cards, and we’d be happy to recommend the best cards for your business needs. Business cards can have great synergy with personal cards, so when filling out our booking form, please include any existing personal and business cards you may already have. Please note that one request can only be for a personal card consultation or a business card consultation. If you are interested in both consultations, please submit two separate requests.

Should I get a cash back card or one that earns points?
While this is specific to your personal goals and preferences, we generally recommend cards that earn points. That’s because points can be maximized for amazing travel redemptions and they can also be cashed out, if you’d like. However, pure cash-back cards can only be used for cash back. With that being said, some people know that they only want cash back, and we will be happy to provide recommendations based on this input.

Are all points the same?
Absolutely not! You can view each type of point as a unique currency with different values. One US dollar is not worth the same as one Euro, which is not worth the same as one Japanese yen. It is the same with all the different types of credit points, airline miles, and hotel points. We keep track of all the different ways you can use each type of point and what their approximate value is. We use this knowledge to recommend the best cards for you, be it a card that earns bank points or one that earns points with a specific hotel or airline loyalty program.

Do I have to pay an annual fee for a card?
No, there are plenty of great credit cards out there with no fee, and we often recommend these cards to our customers. But note that many popular card benefits such as lounge access, hotel/airline status, travel credits, and more come with cards with fees. We will tailor our recommendations based on your preferences, including no-fee cards, mid-tier cards (with fees up to $100), and premium cards (with fees over $100). Every card we recommend can be worth more than the annual fee, and we will explain how to get the most out of each card.

How many credit cards should I have?
There is no perfect number of credit cards to have! Some people like to keep it as simple as possible and just have one card. Some people like to have two to three, while others get lots of value from having many cards. We have a couple dozen cards ourselves. Regardless of your preferences, we can find the perfect fit for your wallet.

Don't credit cards hurt my credit score?
If you are responsible with your credit and pay off your balance every month, credit cards will actually help your credit score! Having a strong track record of being responsible with your credit will increase your credit score over the long run. Additionally, having more credit available to you will lead to lower utilization rates (the percentage of your credit that you’re using), which is an important component of your credit score. With that being said, being irresponsible with your credit will end up hurting your credit score. We only suggest getting credit cards if you can be responsible with your credit and pay off your balance every month, as any interest you pay will outweigh any rewards you would earn.

What happens to my credit score when I apply for a card?
When you apply for a credit card, your score will take a dip whether you get approved for the card or not. However, this dip is generally minor and temporary, and you should expect your score to recover within a few months. Please note that your individual circumstances are unique, and any credit score impacts will be tailored to those circumstances.

Do you get compensated if I use your signup links?
Some of the signup links we provide are referral or affiliate links, but not all of them. Sometimes a top offer doesn’t apply to referral links, and in cases like that, we will always provide you with the signup link with the best offer for you regardless of any compensation we may or may not receive.

Why shouldn't I just sign up for a card myself?
When I got my first credit card out of college, I signed up for a card because of an advertisement I got in the mail. I just got the first card presented to me and used it for years. I left thousands of dollars on the table by not doing my research. I wish I had someone to meet with me, recommend the perfect card for me, and explain all the details.

Many people do pick out good cards for themselves but don’t dive into the details of the benefits and earning structure of the cards. Even if they are using a good card, most people still leave so much value on the table by not being aware of all the benefits afforded to them by their cards. Not only will we recommend the perfect cards for you, but we will also show you all the benefits you get with the cards and answer any questions you might have.

You mention two tenants; if I do a credit card consultation, am I required to do a travel consultation? 
Not at all. Some choose to use their points for something other than travel. If you do plan to use your points for travel, we recommend letting us know during the credit card consultation to ensure we set you up properly. 

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