2. optimize redeeming points

1. optimize earning points

At Pack With Points, we have two pillars regarding points:

Utilizing the Pack With Points way, we derived 10x more value from our points!

at the time of booking, THIS EXPERIENCE WOULD have COST $6,000 PER PERSON.

Using our expertise in credit card rewards, we too redeemed 60,000 points.

However, our points were used to indulge in a luxurious business-class trip to Japan, featuring lie-flat seats and delicious dining.

the pack with points way

at the time of booking, THIS flight would have cost $600 per person.

A colleague redeemed 60,000 points through their credit card's travel portal for a domestic round-trip flight in economy.

the typical way

To truly illustrate the potential value of these rewards, let's consider a recent example:

the pack with points way

We transform your points into travel experiences that surpass your highest expectations! Have you ever imagined sipping champagne in a lie-flat seat en route to an exotic international destination? With Pack With Points, that can become a reality! We handle all the heavy lifting, utilizing our expertise and knowledge of the constantly evolving awards landscape. We diligently search for award availability that’s perfectly suited to your unique travel goals.

Many individuals opt to convert their points into cashback, gift cards, or travel via their credit card's travel portal. While these redemption methods are valid, they fail to tap into the full potential of your rewards, leaving significant value on the table.

the typical way

Let's talk about point redemptions


We recognize that plans can change or the proposed options might not fully meet your needs. Should this be the case upon receiving your proposal email, please inform us. We're ready to refine our search and explore further, all without any additional research fees. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

What if I am not happy with your findings?

After identifying the best options, you'll receive an email summarizing our findings.

If they satisfy your requirements, it's time to book! To proceed, simply pay the invoice linked in the email. Following payment, you will receive detailed video guides for the booking process. Should you require further assistance, we're more than happy to provide additional support.

Additionally, the $20 research fee will be credited back to you on your invoice.

step 4: Turn your points into paradise

With our expertise, Pack With Points will meticulously search for all of the ways to transform your points into the perfect getaway.

We excel in finding exeptional options for our customers. However, if an initial choice isn't feasible, we'll promptly inform you and diligently seek out alternative solutions, with no extra research fees.

step 3: Let us do the heavy lifting

Based on your form submission, we'll begin our initial research.

During the consultation, we'll explore your travel goals, preferences, and point balances, aiming is to gather all essential information needed to find the best redemption options for you.

step 2: meet with us

Submit our booking form to set up your consultation. A $20 research fee applies, which we'll credit back if you accept our trip proposal.

step 1: set up a consultation

How Pack With Points Works

$35 per night, per room


Additional Flights: $50/person

One-Way Flight: $75/Person

Roundtrip Flight: $150/Person


One-Way Flight: $45/Person

Roundtrip Flight: $90/Person



The $20 research fee covers all versions of your proposal until we discover the best option for you. This research fee is refunded upon booking.

If you decide not to move forward with the proposal(s) and opt out of further research with Pack With Points, the initial $20 research fee will be your sole expense.

For complex inquiries, pricing will be determined at a later point

additional details:

The prices listed below are applicable only once we've found your ideal redemption and you choose to proceed with the booking.

Important pricing detail:

Begin your journey for only $20!


What happens if the availability is no longer available when I go to book?
Please reference our company policies regarding changes in award availability and pricing.
If I end up accepting your trip proposal, will the research fee be waived?
Yes, your invoice will include a credit equal to the research fee.
Why can't you book for me?
Since points are tied to your specific airline, hotel, or bank account, we cannot redeem your points without being logged into your accounts. To protect your privacy and security and to reduce our liability, we do not ask for any account numbers or passwords. We provide step-by-step instructions and instructional videos to help you make your bookings. If you need additional assistance, you can also reach out to us and we would be happy to help you along the way.
Could you go into more detail on your travel planning experience?
Sure! Here is each step of the process:

1. Here is the revised text with corrections for spelling and grammar:Fill out our consultation form by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of this screen. During this step, you will also pay the $20 research fee and schedule the consultation for a time that works for you.

2. Based on your form input, we will conduct an initial round of research and craft some additional questions about your trip.

3. During our consultation call, we will gather all the details about your trip and outline our redemption expectations based on your point balances and trip preferences.

4. We will then dive into our research! We can usually find great options for our customers, and once we do, we’ll send you an overview email (more on that below). Unfortunately, we can’t always find a great option. In that case, we’ll let you know and work with you to find alternative options, if possible.

Can you help me with other parts of my trip?
Our expertise is in earning and redeeming points, so we will focus on just the parts of your trip that you can use your points and miles for. For example, if you only have enough points for an outbound flight, we will leave it to you to find the best return flight within your preferences and budget. In a situation like this, we would only charge you for a one-way flight and not a roundtrip journey, and we are happy to provide any tips and advice for booking the other parts of your trip.
Can you guarantee that you will find something?
No, we cannot make any guarantees that we will find good uses for your points. To better ensure good results, we recommend being flexible with dates and meeting with us as early as possible before your trip. Since you only pay for what we find, you will not be charged if we don't find anything, other than the research fee.
How long does it take you to conduct your research?
This will vary depending upon the complexity of the trip, but you can usually expect us to send you the proposal within a few business days. You can make an expedited request for an additional $100 per person to guarantee your proposal within one business day. Expedited requests may not be available at all times or for all itineraries.
What if I don't have enough points?
There are many cases where customers don't have enough points for the entirety of their trip. In circumstances like this, we will still present a proposal with the parts of your trip that you can use your points for. This might mean just using your points for your outbound flight but not your return flight or using points for only some passengers. If you have enough time before your trip, we can also set up a credit card consultation to help you earn more points. Then we can resume planning once you have accumulated the additional points.

What if I am not ready to book yet?
The best options for any given trip are constantly changing. What might be available during the consultation call might be different a month, week, or even a few days later. Due to this, we will not conduct our research until you are ready to book to ensure accurate results. We can schedule a follow-up check-in for a future date when you are ready to book.
Am I limited to the airline and hotel options you can find for me?
Nope! Please let us know if you have any preferences for airlines or hotel programs you would like to use. What we will present to you will be our best recommendation for you and your points. If you want something else, we'd be happy to present that to you, but it might not represent the best deal.
Do you help book boutique hotels?
We only recommend hotels that can be booked with points. Sometimes boutique hotels are part of broader loyalty programs, but that is not always the case. Even if your desired hotel can't be booked with points, we can still work with you for your flights or other hotels on your trip.
You mention two tenets: do I have to do a credit card consultation before a travel consultation?
You do not! Many of our customers already have enough points for their trip, and in those cases, a credit card consultation is not necessary (although many of these customers also choose to add one after seeing what they can get with their points). However, many of our customers could use a boost to their point balances. In those cases, we will let you know if we recommend a credit card consultation, and we can set that up for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

5. When results are found, you’ll receive an overview email that lets you know the basics of what we found, including dates, costs (in points as well as taxes and fees), and hotel/airline class of service. This email will also contain a link to your invoice. At this point, if you’re not happy with what we’ve found or your plans have changed, please let us know, and we’d be happy to update our results! If you choose to work with us, the research fee will be credited back to you on your invoice. If you choose not to continue forward, you will not be charged anything other than the research fee.

6. After paying the invoice, you will be sent your detailed itinerary, including exact flight times, flight numbers, and hotel names. This email will also contain all the details regarding your redemption(s), along with step-by-step instructions on how to book everything, with links to video walkthroughs for each step.

7. If you’re happy with what we found, we recommend that you book as soon as possible before the deal goes away. If you’re not happy, please let us know so that we can work with you to find possible alternatives.